Company Profile

Message from the President

The automotive industry evolves at bewildering speed. It is said to have an evolution every 100 years. As a main player in the global competition, Japan's world-famous manufacturing spirit and technology is alive in each and every corner of the automotive industry. The Kawanaka Group, as a group of engineers who bear this mission, continuously undergoes innovation of equipment, the devotion to technological research, and hones the character of an engineer who tenaciously keeps responding to high demand.  The validity of plans and strategies are thoroughly verified and implemented. Continuously improving, no matter how small the details, and establishing the environment and mechanism for this to be effective, are the two essential parts of building “a strong company”. This effort towards process-building brings forwards many results including energy-saving of the production line, thorough quality control, further technological improvement and cost reduction.
Our philosophy since the founding days is “a company is its employees”. We will strive to continue being the company that brings together world-class human resources and technology, with a broad vision and the awareness that we are part of the ongoing global competition. The Kawanaka Group will continue our efforts to contribute to the society and the industry.

Chairman & CEO Yoji Kawanaka