Recruitment Information

The kind of person we are looking for

How far can we go in the pursuit of technology and precision?

In addition to our skills (craftsmanship) cultivated over the years, the strength of the Kawanaka Group is that we are always working hard to stay ahead of the pack globally through digital tools and systems evolved through modern convenience.
However these skill cannot be polished just by learning or being taught. What is important for this is the effort and attitude toward innovation and devoting oneself to the study of technology.  

Our biggest strength as a company is that, starting with the directors, we have within the company veteran employees with extensive experience and skill accumulated over the years, meaning you have a living model right before your eyes.
How much one can absorb from them and how far one can go depends on the effort of each individual employee. The Kawanaka Group welcomes those who, as a member of a company that strives for extreme precision unlike ever demanded before, are sticklers for detail, and who challenge themselves on the world stage and aim to reach even further heights, and will put our power into training international human resources who possess a global perspective.

Building a strong organization and strong company. What is our driving force?

When we say strong organization and strong company, what kind of company are we talking about? We at the Kawanaka Group believe our shared values are in the flexible cooperation between individual employees. A company where the directors and employees possess the same goals, and share an awareness of what is necessary to that end. Not setting a goal that makes us complacent, and continuing to seek further heights. These are the driving forces behind the growth and evolution of the Kawanaka Group. Our work is continuing to pursue new value, and when this is accomplished it creates such assets as high competitiveness and good reviews from clients.

Anticipating the needs of the automobile industry and passing down those technical skills is the social mission of the Kawanaka Group. Let us build a company worthy of pride together not only with our Japanese employees, but with human resources from all over the world.

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